Updating toc in ms word Real amatuer chat

Now that you’ve formatted your headings, you can create a dynamic table of contents.

If you’re using a PC, position the cursor where you want the table to appear and navigate to References Automatic Table 1.

) Sub Update Table Of Contents() Dim o Story As Range Dim toc As Table Of Contents Dim tof As Table Of Figures On Error Resume Next For Each o Story In Active Document.

I'm trying to create this by not using the two standard options as I only one Heading 1 style, but using the Custom Table of Contents I am unable to choose the Title (ie "Table of Contents") and instead there is no title. This is MS Office 2013 No, if you insert a custom TOC, you must manually type the title (heading) and apply the appropriate paragraph style to it (e.g., TOC Heading).

These allow you to apply headings and subheadings consistently throughout your document.