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Ok so maybe you've just modded your xbox and need to update to a newer build or maybe you just need to know how to FTP into your xbox so you can transfer your movies and music collections over.Either way this video guide will show you how to do it, the actual guide shows how to update to the latest build but if you want to transfer any other files across just use the same method.

As explained in our news post on the website, https://kodi.tv/article/kodi-xbox-one, the UWP version of Kodi is built upon the current alpha development version for Kodi v18 Leia and so will have some rough edges, also as a new platform the UWP alpha builds are initially likely to be more buggy than the alpha versions available for the other platforms.

report the compiled version which you can find in the system info panel and a full debug log.

So for now, those of you still benefitting from your old Xbox may find them at their new site xbmc4uk until the hosting problems have been resolved.

Plus, if you are still updating your old Xbox, it may be worth noting that their donation page is only a click away.

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