100 absolutely free cam to cam sites - Updating zonealarm

Here are the instructions that ZA tech support provided me for the complete removal of ZA 8. That solved all of the problems except slow shutdown for me.

However I have noted that the shutdown time gradually returns to normal after several shutdowns.

updating zonealarm-34

Beware - Major problems after upgrade from Version 7 to 8. Crashes in IE8 and Firefox 3.0 after click to sites. I have repeatedly over several months tried to use this software because I like the features by knowing what software can connect to the Internet.

Virus/Spy update frequency settings 3,6,12 or 24 hour do nothing. Immediately after uninstalling the performance issue is corrected.

I want to go back to Windows 8.1 where everything works {mostly) with my securityware .

I just paid for a year's subscription in April 2015 and don't appreciate the fact that I cannot use it as I have for the last 14 years. Windows Defender is not as good a firewall as Zone Alarm and doesn't have the reliability I have come to expect and depend on.

I got the Windows 10 'upgrade' and was willing to work with the myriad of little problems that have cropped up but when I found out that my Zone Alarm was not working and 'Defender' was running, I tried to redownload Zone Alarm from the back up CD that I have.