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The reason for the gap was because of his heart surgery after playing Mr Freeze; the studios were anxious about whether or not they could insure him, and despite attempts to convince them he was in perfect health, he couldn't get any work until End of Days (1999).Even then, he was amazed when insurance people and executives from Universal came to the set just to watch him, to see if he was still up to the action scenes.

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Note that Brazilian companies produced conversion kits which basically multiplies the injection computers output by 3 allowing for the use of gasoline with up to 99% ethanol content instead of 33%, this worked because it's a feedback control system and all that's happening is that you're getting a coarser granularity of control.

Later when computer controlled fuel injectors allowed for dynamic control of the air fuel ratio, the computers were just programmed for fuels up to 33% ethanol content.

So, it's up to burned out cop Arnold to stop this plot from happening.

The movie has a very goofy story only teenagers would find brilliant, but the movie does have lots of big loud action,great performances,and is well directed by Peter Hyams(Sudden Death, A Sound Of Thunder).

"Collateral Damage" was also just a decent action movie, that suffered from some bad writing.