Validating measures of information technology outsourcing risks factors

This paper searches for the answer to this question by adopting a process for the choice and analysis of the theoretical framework of IT Outsourcing Management.

This process is composed of a search based on scientific articles available on the Capes website and on the bibliometrics of relevant articles, aligned with the topic of interest. The first section is an introduction to the researched topic and objectives of the paper.

Using the Bibliographic Portfolio, it was shown that: i) the most present journal was The Journal of Strategic Information Systems; ii) the most cited article was Poppo, L. This wide scope and dissemination of knowledge offer a great challenge to those who want to study a chosen topic.

Foram selecionados 23 artigos, compondo o Portfólio Bibliográfico (PB). INTRODUCTION A literature review is a primary stage in developing a research project, and shows the baseline of the scientific knowledge development of a chosen topic.

In order to develop a robust and academically relevant theoretical framework, it is recommended the use of a process capable of consolidating information in an impartial and consistent manner.