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The male players/grooms, who will all have to put on a tuxedo for the big event, will put on a virtual reality headset as they make their way to the altar of the yet-to-be-revealed chapel, where their virtual fiancee will be waiting for them.There, they will be able to exchange vows, declare their love for each other and say the phrase “I do”.

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Some of these mechanisms may involve the brain-gut axis (BGA).

In this article we review the current knowledge on the possible involvement of the BGA in IBS and discuss new directions for potential future therapies of IBS. Pubmed Abstract | Pubmed Full Text | Cross Ref Full Text Drossman, D.

is set to launch on April 28th, but Hibiki Works, the maker of the video game, has already announced that the special wedding ceremonies will be held on June 30th, at an undisclosed location in Tokyo.

The company is apparently confident that it will find plenty of grooms for its three anime characters, and has released a few details about the proceedings way ahead of time.

Through trial and error, I have found that what gets the most shares is humor. Even before Star Trek, I thought about future worlds. That elusive "something" beyond the horizon still fascinates me. [Star Trek creator] Gene Roddenberry had his ashes carried into space, but I actually want to be alive when I go up there!