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The new era of mobilities means that refugee settlement in local communities is increasingly shaped by non-local flows of people, resources and ideas.

What are the implications of these flows for processes of belonging and social inclusion in regional Australia?

This makes them the oldest well-dated specimens of Homo in South Africa and contemporary with fossils that have been suggested to be ancestral to the genus Homo.

The origin of Homo has been associated with a period of increased aridity and significant environmental change that impacted the regional adaptation and evolution of mammal species.

Lead investigator: Associate Professor Andy Herries Co-investigators: Doctor Jessie Birkett-Rees, Doctor Nicola Stern and Doctor Jillian Garvey The origin of our genus, Homo, is one of the most hotly debated topics in science.

Early Homo fossils from the Drimolen and Haasgat caves have recently been dated to older than 1.95 million years.

To what extent do local and non-local social fields compete with or complement each other in the experience of settlement, and with what effects?