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Stand-up comedian Pete Holmes had an audience of more than 100 million people last month. Across the country in West Hollywood, seven members of the Groundlings improv troupe dash onto a bare, tiny stage, and Stephanie Courtney announces to the 90 or so people in the audience: "Welcome, everybody! Whipple in hundreds of Charmin commercials, said he was making 0,000 a year, working just 12 days.As the snarky voice of the stock-trading baby in commercials for the online trading site E*Trade, Mr. Everybody who's famous and successful had to start somewhere. But as he rose to become the third best-known American (in one poll) behind Richard Nixon and Billy Graham, the once-prolific actor essentially stopped winning roles.Courtney had a recurring role as Marge on the TV series Mad Men in 2007.

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Holmes and his two recent Super Bowl spots were part of the most-watched TV event in U. "I've done 38 pictures and nobody remembers any of them.

Get a look at how some celebrities got their start. A 2007 obituary for Canadian actor Dick Wilson, who played Mr.

But they all remember me selling toilet paper," he said.

There was a time when a comedian's route to the top was well marked: Work the club scene, strive for years to get on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson, then hope you kill—and your life changes.

She has also worked for brands such as Skittles, General Mills cereal and Wienerschnitzel.