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Attendees at the play reported that David arrived with his sister, and he was glued to the stage during Gillian Anderson’s scenes – he even gave her a standing ovation when the show came to an end and then slipped backstage to hang out with her after the curtains closed.

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Since 2016, Anderson has been in a relationship with screenwriter and dramatist Peter Morgan.

Gillian Anderson is an American-British film, television and theatre actress, activist and writer.

The couple are parents to 20-year-old daughter Piper The Fall star, whose second marriage to documentary filmmaker Julian Ozanne ended after two years in 2006, has numerous rules when it comes to what type of guys she will date and married men and toy boys are definitely off the agenda.

She explained: 'To me, a married man is simply a no go. I suppose I might ask a man out, but I believe at this stage of my life, it's better not to manipulate the situation.

I noticed we laughed at same points and seemed to respond in the same way to the same moments.