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The record-setting Olympian's longtime coach, Bob Bowman, confirmed the plan Friday after reports emerged from Germany, where Phelps was making an appearance.

It definitely seemed to be a complicated situation at the time and Nicole seemingly resented him as she explained: 'There definitely were times, and I think Michael would say the same thing, where I hated him.

Following the competition he told how he went six straight months without working out once.

As a result his weight ballooned from 187 pounds to nearly 230 - the largest he had ever been.

He's not the safest when pursuing his extra curricular activities outside the girls he is "dating."' 'One of the hardest things ever for someone dealing with a gender challenge to deal with is an ex having a baby with another woman. I didn't keep someone hanging on knowing it could hurt them. After losing my career I did an adult film, not exactly something I ever would have chosen. That turned into me riding his coat tails..'The media from day one gave me the title girlfriend, cougar and many others I won't repeat. More slaps in the face to the one person in this four person scenario that did nothing wrong.