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Then there might be other times where Gina would see it differently and we'd have a little debate.The writers would always be uncomfortable, there like 'okay, what's jumping off here?is that it also allowed us to deal with subject matter that we really were interested in, and it was just the perfect first job for anybody to have.

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As much as we could we've always brought them on set, but I always thought it would be easier to juggle, they'd be more self-sufficient.

But honestly, I feel like they need us even more now. Together we went through the process of why we feel at this time, we have to do this project, and put this out in the world, what it is we aspire to change.

We were the younger writers on the show, they put us together a lot, to work on scenes and things like that and we just clicked.

We became best friends very quickly because we had the same kind of mindset of what we wanted to do in the industry and what we wanted to say.

' He said to me everything that I was telling myself in my head.