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Rory "fixed" Jess in the way that a person might try to fix a broken tap because they don't want to pay for a plumber: inexpertly, and ultimately doing more harm than good.

Ultimately, Jess worked things out for himself and ended up maturing the most when he was apart from Rory.

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While their early days of dating were sweet enough to give viewers cavities, it wasn't long before they started to hit speed bumps.

In the season 1 episode "That Damn Donna Reed," it was revealed that Dean and Rory's idea of a perfect married life didn't quite match up; Dean liked the idea of "" in a '50s-style marriage, which was jarring for Rory, who came from a household of junk food and take-out and was already planning hard for her career.

In him, Rory found her match in more ways than one; not only did Logan have a quick wit and a wicked sense of humor (with Dean and Jess, Rory had to do a lot of conversational heavy lifting), he had also mastered the art of fast talking, making him a comfortable fit for a Gilmore girl.

His friends Colin (Alan Loayza) and Finn (Tanc Sade) were also an added bonus, with the three of them forming a comedy trio that was funny and obnoxious in equal measure.

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