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The F6B comes standard with ABS, AM/FM radio with Auxilary in (no Bluetooth or controls for MP3 playback), intuitive cruise control, a 25 litre capacity fuel tank, excellent H7 lighting, integrated turn signals, electronic fuel-injection, ABS, combined braking, anti-dive system to ensure stability while braking even at highway speeds, and more buttons and turn-knobs than I can count without taking my socks off.

In other words, while you might be missing some of the bells and whistles, the F6B is still getting the full benefit of Honda’s renowned research and development in the Gold Wing.

Or splash some cash on Balmain but we suggest you reserve these for a big night out rather than the boardroom...

However Us Weekly immediately countered it, insisting the two were just friends and the meeting innocent.

I began to question whether all of the changes will take away from the legendary Gold Wing experience.

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