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For those of you who didn’t plan for Frisky Friday, fear not, as September, the third most adulterous month of the year, is right around the corner. I’m surprised it’s not higher, but over two-thirds of women have admitted to having faked an orgasm at once stage or another (apparently, 28% of men have done the same).*braces self* Hands up if you’ve ever had rubbish sex? Interestingly enough, a little over half of women think that there’s nothing wrong with faking it – nothing like a relationship built on trust and honesty, right?The next parents’ evening is going to be an awkward experience, that’s for sure.

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And we’re not alone, as 77% of married women have admitted to flirting with their gardeners, so says Illicit

A spokesman for the site explains: “Women know what they want, and there’s evidently a common theme here.

Little did I know, there’s far more to it than that.

While it’s not Christmas, Easter or even Halloween, Frisky Friday isn’t to be scoffed at; as the name suggests, it’s a momentous occasion.

So, young people marry young, have kids, then realise that they can’t afford to divorce a couple of years down the line when it all starts to unravel. It begs the question: is monogamy simply a social construct? A middle-aged woman in a sexless, loveless marriage, she could so very easily be a Bored Wife herself.

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