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I use WASD to move so easiest buttons for me are Q, E, R, F, C,1,2,3,4.

Combine those with shift and ctrl and you have a lot of great keybinds. It's very important that you have fast access to HS, so if you have a mouse with buttons on it, bind HS to one of them, that way you don't have to do super fast movements with your fingers to dump rage, you'll be using your thumb and your fingers can already be queing the next spell.

This is a great way for you or your teammates to catch up to a ranged DPS that is running away.

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This is a very strong stun when enemy teams are grouped up. It is also a good talent because you can heal yourself if you are being focused and still deal damage.

Having a stun that hits multiple targets can help peel for your teammates or apply pressure to teams that are grouped together. If you are playing against a team with multiple snare abilities, is the best choice in this tier.

You can watch his stream on Twitch, and you can also check out his You Tube channel.

Fury Warriors are a very unique melee specialization.

Warriors have the ability to single-handedly force cooldowns (trinkets and defensive spells) from enemy players.