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Similarly, Aries women are risk takers and physical.

Drawn to confident alphas, she loves a partner who can draw out her more feminine side.

However, they are also homebodies too, and they need their daily dose of home.

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It is rare for Aries and Cancer sun signs to get together romantically.

Aries thinks with their heads, Cancer's with their hearts. The Aries and Cancer relationship is found between co-workers, neighbors and non-sexual relationships. LOVE INSIGHT OF AQUARIUS Aquarians are attracted to people who are different and unique.

Zodiac signs with an Aries Moon, Ascending (Rising) Sign in Aries, or a Moon sign in Aries will feel it the most.

Some zodiac signs have more love chemistry than others.

The compatibility between a Scorpio and a Cancer is considered one of the strongest bonds of the Zodiac. Cancer to take care of them, Leo's to entertain them. Every strength of Scorpio fills cancer's weakness and same with cancer strengths.